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Best Orthodontics Near Me- Bankstown Orthodontics

Creating Straighter Smiles in Bankstown

Your teeth, jaw, and bite can dramatically affect your appearance and your health. While some patients may want straighter smiles for cosmetic reasons, addressing improper alignment can also play a role in the functionality of your teeth.

You may be interested in orthodontics for your child, or even for yourself; we have many options for all age groups and lifestyles. Regardless of your age or goals, our caring Bankstown orthodontic dentists and staff are here to help people achieve straighter, stronger, healthier smiles.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a field that concentrates on correcting crooked teeth and an improper bite (also called “malocclusion”). A variety of methods are used to help move teeth and jaws into their best alignment, and many different oral issues can necessitate orthodontics. Common problems include:

  • Underbite: this occurs when the lower teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth.
  • Overbite: when the upper teeth extend past the lower.
  • Crowding: when there is not enough space for teeth, causing them to twist or displace and create a “crowded” appearance.
  • Spacing: the opposite of crowding, this happens when there is excess space for teeth. It can be caused by missing or impacted teeth, or simply having teeth that are too small for the size of the jaw.

Some of these problems, especially crowding, can make teeth more difficult to clean, which affects oral hygiene and may increase the risk of plaque and decay. Improper bites can also cause issues like extra wear on the surface of your teeth, difficulty with chewing or speaking, and stress on surrounding tissues and bones.

The best treatment for you will depend on the kinds of issues you’re experiencing, as well as your lifestyle, dental health goals, and individual circumstances.

Orthodontics Near Me- Orthodontic Clinic Bankstown
Orthodontic Near Me- Bankstown Orthodontic Clinic

Orthodontics for Kids

With still-developing bones, kids with crooked teeth or improper bites are often great candidates for orthodontics; guiding their teeth into place can sometimes be easier than waiting until adulthood. You should speak with a professional regarding if and when you should begin seeking treatment for your child. The Australian Society of Orthodontics recommends that children see an orthodontist when they are 8-10 years old, while others suggest that it’s good to have an initial appointment no later than 7 in order to identify future problems before they become more expensive to treat.

There are some signs to watch out for when determining whether your child may need to see an orthodontist:

  • difficulty with biting or chewing food
  • thumb sucking
  • frequent cheek-biting
  • teeth grinding
  • constant breathing through the mouth
  • losing baby teeth very early or late

However, consulting a professional is the best way to determine whether your child needs orthodontic help, and what kind.

For many patients, the teenage years are often a great and cost-efficient period for orthodontics. For teens who may be hesitant about how orthodontics affect their smile or appearance, talk to us about some of our straightening methods that have a subtler look.

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Many people associate braces with children or teenagers and mistakenly believe that they’re not candidates for orthodontic treatment, but it’s very common for adults to seek treatment for misaligned teeth or bites. There are no restrictions on age when it comes to getting a straighter, more functional smile!

Today, adults can choose from many more options than just traditional braces. Based on lifestyle or concerns, they may prefer a more discreet and/or flexible method of treatment. Some of these options are:

  • “invisible” (ie, clear) aligners
  • lingual braces (braces that are placed behind the teeth, making them less noticeable)
  • removable plates

Options for adults often include removable appliances, making it easier to care for your oral hygiene and adjust your treatment when necessary.

for an orthodontist in Bankstown schedule a consultation with us today! We can sit down with you for a discussion of the things you might want to change, and recommend a treatment plan based on your needs and objectives.

Bankstown Orthodontics Near Me- Orthodontic Clinic Bankstown

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