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Broken Or Knocked Out Tooth Bankstown

Broken or Knocked out Tooth- Dentist Near me

Saving A Tooth

A knocked-out permanent tooth is a dental emergency.

A permanent tooth that is knocked out can sometimes be reimplanted. In most cases, only permanent, adult teeth are reimplanted into the mouth. Baby teeth are usually left out.

Collect Teeth or Teeth Fragments

Find the tooth and rinse it with clean water. Handle teeth carefully because damage may prevent re-implantation.Touch only the crown, the top part of the tooth. Do not touch the root of the tooth.

Rinse tooth gently with water.

  • Do not scrub
  • Do not scrape
  • Do not use soap
  • Do not use alcohol

Re-Insert or Store Teeth

Rinse mouth with warm water.

If you can’t reinsert permanent teeth, or for baby teeth or teeth fragments, place it in a clean container with cold water or milk, or place it in the persons mouth between their cheek and gum to prevent drying. Do not wrap it in tissue or in a cloth.

Treat Symptoms

Control bleeding with sterile gauze or cloth.

For pain and swelling, apply a cool compress. Encourage a child to suck on a frozen pop.

For pain, take ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Saving A Tooth- Broken or Knocked Teeth

Get Help

For teeth that have been knocked out, see a dentist or go to an emergency room immediately. Take the teeth or teeth fragments with you. Even if the teeth have been successfully reinserted, you should see a dentist.

For chipped or broken teeth, call us an make an appointment.

You can call our front desk at (02) 9790 3336 Mon – Fri 9am – 8pm, email us at enquiry@smilelinedental.com.au or fill the Contact Form