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IV Sedation Dentistry Bankstown

IV Sedation Dentistry - Dental IV Sedation

100% Pain Free Dental IV Sedation

At Smile Line Dental Care we understand that dental procedures / visits are uncomfortable. We will always treat you with gentleness and care.

So if you:

  • Are feeling anxious
  • Had a bad dental experience
  • Need a lengthy dental procedure
  • Need multiple dental visits and cannot find the time
  • Have a gag reflex

IV Sedation Dentistry

IV Sedation Dentistry is a modern technique of sedation which takes the fear out of dentistry and makes dental treatment a comfortable experience. It also enables more dentistry to be done in one session, thus saving time. Dentistry of a higher standard can usually be achieved due to better working conditions.

Is It Suitable For Me?

It is suitable for most people. However, if you are not in good health or taking any medicines or tablets, the sedation can be modified to suit your needs. The procedure is performed by a qualified anaesthetist / doctor.

Cost of IV Sedation - IV Sedation Cost
Dental IV Sedation - IV Sedation Dentistry Bankstown

What Is The Process of IV Sedation?

The technique involves placing a small cannula and injecting sedative medication into a vein in the arm. The injection is painless and the sedation takes effect immediately. You become very relaxed and drowsy and the dental treatment can be carried out quite comfortably.

Local anaesthetic injections are often necessary, but these will not cause you any discomfort. Because of the Amnesia (forgetfulness) produced by these sedative agents it seems that you have been asleep for most of the treatment. However, you have merely been deeply sedated and not unconscious in the way you would be under general anaesthesia. Hence you recovery following the procedure is quicker and easier.

On completion of the treatment you rest for a short while before being escorted home.

While you may feel quite alert after treatment, the sedative agents are not completely eliminated from the body for some hours afterwards thus, the need for an escort home.

No Food Or Drink

No food or drink should be taken for some hours before the sedation treatment session. Our experienced staff will provide you with detailed pre and post – operative instructions.

Your Dental Visit – Pain & Stress Free

Intravenous sedation / sleep dentistry is a very effective way of enabling dental treatment to be carried out. So, there is no need to postpone treatment anymore.

You can call our front desk at (02) 9790 3336 Mon – Fri 9am – 8pm, email us at enquiry@smilelinedental.com.au or fill the Contact Form